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ECKART is again looking two years ahead:

Discover our color trends for cosmetics for autumn and winter 2023 & 2024! After a long time of deprivation, we long for wild parties and glittering celebrations. This made us think of the roaring 1920s, expressed by our concept “Glam & Swing”. The trend color topic “Bold Rebellion” takes us to bold and dramatic colors - after the dominance of nude and matte tones. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: our theme “Dramatic Diamonds” sets the beginning of a new era of sparkle.



The pursuit of sensual pleasure and indulgence after a long deprivation is in the air: The roaring 20’s – with wild parties and glittering celebrations – are back, but in a modern version. The focus of this look is on the lips, which have been hidden for too long. MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red puts the spotlight on them with its intense red color and luminosity. Additionally, VISIONAIRE bronze and silver pigments bathe the eyes in a metallic, smoky veil, while TIXOGEL-IDD and TIXOGEL-CCT mastergels support the stability of the anhydrous formulas and ensure a unique texture.


  • Luminizing Oil Drops: Flapper Dress
  • Color Gloss: Roar it out!
  • Eye Brow Pomade: Hello Dandy!
  • Pressed Eye Shadow: Charleston Love, Jive Me Crazy!
  • Pressed Blush: Bootleggers Peach
  • Nail Polish: Gloria, Marlene, Josephine


The new Generation of Color

Each generation reinvents itself and the same is true for colors. After a dominance of nude or matte tones in recent years, bold, dramatic colors experience a revival. For this, colored SYNCRYSTALs provide a spectrum of bold, vibrant colors with metallic shimmer, especially in the eyeshadow mousse triple. The unique light skin-feel and perfect stability of the Lip2Cheek stick are achieved thanks to the new TIXOGEL-DMC.


  • Nail Polish: Sophia, Tina, Brigitte
  • Eye Shadow Mousse: Watusi Blue, Locomotion Purple, Hand Jive Gold
  • Lip2Cheek Stick: Groovy Scarlet
  • Lipstick: Outta Sight Pink


The beginning of a new area of sparkle

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when their sparkle on the skin catches everybody´s eyes. SYNCRYSTAL interference pigments are central to the shimmer in this theme, while the sparkle of the COSMOS certified MIRAGE Glamour pigments creates stunning diamond-like effects. The immediate stability and optimal rheological behavior in the natural formulas of this concept is achieved with PURABYK R-5510.


  • Nail Polish: Britney, Mariah, Mary J.
  • Natural Liquid Eye Shadow: Bling Bling Pink, Chillax Silver
  • Lip Gloss (duo applicator): Purple Rhinestone
  • Lip Tint (duo applicator): Pink Tracksuit
  • Natural Graphic Liner: Grey Eyed Peas Natural
  • Liquid Highlighter Roller: Diamonds!

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