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„We continuously analyse the industry-specific colour trends in the field of paint applications. This results in new, forward-looking ECKART pigment formulations.”


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A voyage to the virtual - and back

Living is desiring – for new experiences, interesting adventures, a better future, or another world altogether. With our Coatings Trends for 2023, we explore the power of human desire and its power to transform.

The 30 new shades are an invitation to participate in a voyage – from the real to the virtual and back again. And, as voyages go, you never return the same.

ETHE-REALITIES: wowing with subtle shine

What happens when you combine opposites – stone optics with warm shades or metal surfaces with ultraclean colors? The results surprise with an almost bodiless ethereal quality. This is due to the color flop which creates an incredibly subtle shine. Dominated by soft metallic tones and shimmery effects, our trend “Ethe-Realities” transports viewers into another emotional sphere altogether. – Desire: to achieve a virtual reality with real materials.

• Crystalline Silver
• Silver Moon
• Ivory Moon
• Mystic Copper
• Suave Gold
• Mossy Granite


Progress depends on knowledge, and knowledge thrives on exploration, on research and on experiment. But hard science, too, is unthinkable without the wish to transform. Our trend “The Elegance of Exploration” celebrates the intense atmosphere of lab work. It features highly functional structureless colours with that progress promising sheen. Desire: to turn unrealistic ideas into realistic developments.

• Spinning Blue
• Technical Silver
• White Room Purity
• Antistatic Grey
• Indium Silver
• Pulsing Orange

INNOCENT SUPERPOWERS: Unblemished Creativity

Shiny galaxies, friendly aliens, well-disposed superpowers from outer space – nothing is as potent and as colourful as the fantasies of children. Our trend “Innocent Superpowers” is a tribute to their unblemished imagination and creativity. Consequently, it revels in the mysterious shimmer and shine those outer worlds represent with their emotional world. Desire: to make your sparkling childhood dreams come true.

• Liquid Celadon
• Magic Obsidian
• Stone Hero
• Sparkling Velvet
• Blue Sand
• Where Mermaids Roam

MORE THAN CONNECTED: Augmented Perception

For the near future, enthusiasts dream of a new reality. It completely merges the real and the virtual into an interconnected and augmented reality with 4D, avatars, and digital influencers. This entirely digital environment could change the perception of colours. Our trend “More than connected” is an experiment to show how familiar yellow, apricot, or red shades suddenly carry an almost surreal quality, just because they come with this mesmerizing metallic sheen and a subtle sparkle. Desire: to boundlessly communicate in abstract words.

• Pretty Brazen
• Sparkling Crimson
• Shimmery Grenache
• Lustrous Treasure
• Reverie in Verdigris
• Byzantian Dream

BACK TO EARTH: The Intransigence of Colors

In an age, when the earth’s future is much discussed, it’s more than worthwhile to celebrate the planet’s beauty and the long-lasting character of its landscapes and elements. Our trend “Back to Earth” therefore focusses on the wonderful glow that materials like rock or stone exude. With a color palette centering on radiant reddish, brown, and orange shades, it superbly demonstrates how the use of effect pigments can help to create emotions. Desire: back to the beginning and loving it.

• Essential Carbon
• Nude Dawn
• Pearly Slate
• Golden Trove
• Fire & Sparks
• Oriental Dunes

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