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„We continuously analyse the industry-specific colour trends in the field of paint applications. This results in new, forward-looking ECKART pigment formulations.”


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Time turns, futurism revisited

Is the future a promising place? To this intriguing question, our trend scouts found inspiring answers in the 20th century Futurist Movement which regarded science and technology as the main drivers of transformation.

Welcome to our Coating Trends for 2024 – a journey into the fascinating world of colours that celebrates the human capacity to make tomorrow a better place by employing creativity, intelligence, effort, and persistence!

Hope – it all starts with a dream

ECKART Trend Colours for Coatings 2024 HOPE_RZic_sm-Desktop@2x-2360x800.jpg

To envisage a better world, you need to have a dream which turns into hope. What colour symbolizes the capacity for optimism best? Blue! It dominates our trend „HOPE“ with its many variations, ranging from red and green tinged shades, from an aquatic sparkle to azure to prismatic ocean. In contrast, there is a structureless fir-green accompanied by a golden oak shade.

•Dark Ocean
•Sky Promises
•Shimmery Aqua
•Boreal Light
•Absolute Evergreen
•Pyrite Power

Power – nothing but vital energy


Vigour, thy name is woman! Saluting the female energies to empower and transform, our trend “POWER” features a variety of reds and related shades to symbolize the inner strength humans unfold when needed. Colors include a vibrant terra, a hypnotic infra-red and a striking orange shade, set off by a soft dusky shade plus warm shimmery brown.

•Vibrant Terra
•Proud Crimson
•Aurora’s Light
•Sunset Dune
•Chocolate Diamond
•Magmatic Brown

Extravaganza – it’s all about the statement you make

ECKART Trend Colours for Coatings 2024 EXTRAVAGANZA_RZic_sm-Desktop@2x-2360x800.jpg

In an open society, anything goes. As long as the intention is playful, the outrageous, flippant or roguish deserve a place, too. In fact, the more extraordinary, the more inspiring it can be. As a result, each of the six colours in our trend “EXTRAVAGANZA” conveys a strong and powerful statement, which stands by and for itself: strong pink, orange, emerald, blue and red.

•Glamming Emerald
•Powerful Pink
•Simply Gold
•Sparkling Moss
•Scintillating Red
•Luminous Sea

Progress – towards a sustainable future

ECKART Trend Colours for Coatings 2024 PROGRESS_RZic_smJPG-Desktop@2x-2360x800.jpg

Transformation is not to be confused with sudden radical change, it is a subtle, almost evolutionary process. That’s why out trend „PROGRESS” concentrates on warm metallic shades with a subtle, yet intriguing glow. Gold, copper, and their oxidation products evoke an interconnected atmosphere, where science, art, and design meet. Colours range from silverish shine to a moody black and include alluring gold, copper, and steely tones.

•Smooth Moon
•Egyptian Gold
•French Brass
•Steely Gold
•Mellow Copper
•Black Jade

Essentials – there’s no future without them

ECKART Trend Colours for Coatings 2024 ESSENTIALS_RZic_sm-Desktop@2x-2360x800.jpg

Change has many facets and more than often it’s not the extremes that are its most prominent drivers. A big cheer therefore to the many shades in between black and white which do more than just make up everyday life. In fact, they provide the necessary balance and coherence. Our trend Essentials therefore consists of greys and silvers which offer a multitude of upbeat effects, including matte shine, auspicious shimmer, and intriguing glimmer.

• Shiny Grey
•Strictly Silver
•Frozen Water
•Sturdy Steel
•Lustrous Anthracite
•Dark Coal

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