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LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red sets new benchmarks in terms of sparkle and colour intensity: Compared to competitive products, this pearlescent pigment offers more than twice the sparkle intensity. A small amount of this colour-strong new pigment is enough to bring even simple base colours to an optical high gloss.

Incoming light has the effect of a spotlight on LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red, and the pronounced sparkle is immediately visible because it reflects the light in an impressive way. The pigment owes this reflection to its highly efficient coating technology.

LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red shows this spectacular effect at both very low and very high pigment concentrations. The pigment can be incorporated into all aqueous, solvent-based and UV-based systems; in the coating sector it is suitable for coil as well as pneumatic and electrostatic application. It can be used in all printing processes without any problems, especially in screen printing. In the plastics sector, it scores with its high processing quality.

The CFX version, LUXAN CFX C842 Spotlight Red, is recommended for applications with particularly high demands on weather and condensation resistance as well as intercoat adhesion.

Microscope View of LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red

Details & technical data

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