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Metallic decorative effects on plastics parts are essential in the automotive and appliance industry. Mass coloration of plastics with metallic effect pigments – commonly referred to as molded-in-color – provides a long lasting and high-quality appearance. Accurate selection and combination of metallic pigments can offer a superior metallic look or even chrome-like appearance with full in-mold parts. The paintless solution with molded-in-color in metallic appearance increases the potential for energy efficiency and improved sustainability.

Advantages of metallic molded-in-color include:
• High-quality color and brilliant finish
• No paint scratching or peeling issues
• Faster part production – color achieved in single step during molding
• Lower final part cost
• Reduced handling steps by way of eliminating of spray painting or plating process
• Eliminates issues of painting such as overspray
• FDA compliant molded-in-color possible

Mass coloration of plastics with metallic pigments

Molded-in-color with metallic effects is suitable for a variety of applications such as decorative trim elements for automotive interior and exterior such as add-on parts or skid plates. The process and effect is also well suited for home appliances, consumer goods, plastic housings and cosmetic packaging.

We recommend the following products for the mass coloration of plastics with metallic pigments: