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What is possible with Edelstein?

Pearlescent pigment with elegant flop effects in plastics applications are possible thanks to EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne.

Plastic car containing Edelstein Champagne Pearlescent Pigment

​​​​​​​All EDELSTEIN pigments show a unique chromaticity and color intensity thanks to their unique coatings technology.

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne gives a natural touch, essential for mysterious beige tones with a yellowish and reddish shimmer.

It is always a challenge to imitate natural product colors in polymer material.

Crystal Quartz naturally appears in different shades: nearly transparent, whitish, yellowish - up to reddish in rose quartz.

All these color tones are now achievable in plastics tinting by using ECKARTs new EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne.

The elegant shimmering champagne color fits very well into current color trends.

Plastic car with pigments for Edelstein Sunstone Champagne, a pearlescent pigment by ECKART.
Powder, Edelstein Champagne, Pearlescent Pigment

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne is based on a special selection of premium synthetic silicates.

In terms of its technical properties, EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne is highly chemically resistant, has excellent shear stability and is easy to incorporate in all polymer systems. It has an exceptionally long shelf life and shows very good temperature stability.

Application fields and target customers for EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne

EDELSTEIN Pearlescent Pigments​​​​​​​The surprising variety of color interplay opens up new undreamed-of possibilities for product design, while at the same time representing an ideal addition to the color trends currently dominating the market.

Imaginable markets for EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne are cosmetics and food packaging, consumer goods, home appliances, lifestyle products and many more.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne is suited for many kinds of plastics applications. The pigments are compatible with all standard plastics and technical plastics, such as PET, PS/SAN, PC/ABS, PA and PVC.

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne can be used in all plastic applications like injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, cast film and film blowing applications.

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne product literature

All you need to know about EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne - please find here our brochure, the technical data sheet as well as the safety data sheet:

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne Brochure

​​​​​​​EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne

​​​​​​​Special pearlescent pigment for elegant flop effects in plastics application.

​​​​​​​Product composition and technical information

Below you will find some technical information about EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champaign pearlescent pigments.​​​​

Chart showing the technical information of Edelstein Champagne, a pearlescent pigment
Chart showing the chemical composition of Edelstein Champagne, a pearlescent pigment.

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne pearlescent pigments are available in 25 kg cardboard box and 5 kg plastic buckets.

Powder, Edelstein Champagne, Pearlescent Pigment

​​​​​​​Plastics compatibility and compliance information

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne can easily be used for numerous plastics processing such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, blown film and cast film. It is compatible with all kinds of polymers, for example LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, and MABS as well as engineering resins.​​

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