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A powerful blue – thanks to the anti-fading effect

  • EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue: highly chromatic blue shade with anti-fading technology 
  • Striking dark-down flop, strong opacity

Hartenstein, 24.06.2022 – EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue is the first pigment by ECKART with an anti-fading effect. It helps to keep the pigment’s highly chromatic blue unchanged in every viewing angle, even in very flat angles. This distinguishes EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue from conventional effect pigments, where the hue changes to pale colours as the perspective changes. These properties make the pigment the ideal solution for dark colour shades.

Another characteristic of the innovative pigment is its striking dark-down-flop which enhances the end product’s plasticity when interacting with light and reflections. Added to that, there are exceptional depth plus noble glitter effects as well as the strong opacity.

Owing to its striking hiding power and its high chemical resistance, EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue fits many diverse applications. It is suited to coatings, printing inks, and plastics and can be processed in all systems, coating technologies (coil, pneumatic, electrostatic painting) and printing techniques. It exhibits no EMI shielding and provides high radar transparency. Its shelf life runs to ten years.

For outdoor applications ECKART recommends EDELSTEIN CFX Sapphire Blue. These pigments stand out due to their excellent weather and moisture resistance. Additionally, they show outstanding intercoat adhesion.

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