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eckART Effect Stylings

Our new styling brand eckART Effect Stylings opens up the extraordinary potential of our effect pigments. Under the umbrella of this new brand, our creative team for coatings applications demonstrates how a wide variety of themes, moods and stylings can be created with effect pigments.

Our aluminium, glass or pearl pigments allow you to control colour depth, surface structure, opacity, transparency, shimmer, gloss or flop. You have the colour idea - and we have the pigments with which to realise your idea! This applies to all paint applications and systems - for single-layer as well as for multi-layer structures.

„eckART Effect Stylings stands for unlimited creativity. With our aluminium and pearlescent pigments, you can control colour effects in a targeted way.”

Marina Weitzer

Trend Color Development

With the eckART Effect Stylings brand, the Coatings creative team presents formulation proposals for unique colour worlds. Our aluminium, glass and pearlescent pigments form the basis for this.

Find out more about eckART in our interview with Marina Weitzer and Annika Mergner. Just below: Our first eckART concept, Dynamic White Shades for Mobility, which introduces you to twelve unique formulations of different white shades.


Trend colour white

How versatile the timeless shade can be - and how exciting! Our white portfolio for car paints.