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The future is still uncertain? The future color trends are not!

Our color concepts show which colors are really hot for spring and summer 2024: "Ready for the Big Ramps" shows strong and fresh color shades for all those who go their own way unflinchingly. "Namaste" invites you to pause: warm, natural colors express inner balance. Summery pastel colors combined with cool pearlescent effects reflect the sun and the sea of the "Endless Summer" concept.

Rolling Jewel

Ready for the big ramps

These are colors for people who know how to stand up again and keep rolling their way. They are strong, bright and fresh.

The all-in one wheel contains not only a full face make up application set for lips, cheeks and eyes. It is also an all-in-one of the product range of ECKART effect pigments.

The TIXOGEL mastergels provide stability and specific textures in the creamy formulations. In the hair spray, LAPONITE-XLG forms a highly thixotropic gel structure, stabilizes the effect pigments and enables a very fine spray at the same time.


  • Nail polishes: Skaters gonna skate; Just keep rolling; See you later roller skater
  • All-in-one wheel: Blush mousse Wheely delicious; Creamy eye shadows: 4 are better than one: in rose, turquoise, denim and yellow; Lip2Cheek pot Not the 5th wheel
  • Color hair spray: Roller rink pink

Endless Summer

The beach is calling

If colors could embody endless summer days, these would be it: Warm pastel colors with cool effects of SYNCRYSTAL create a gorgeous look for the hot season of the year.

SYNAFIL S1050 works as a semi-transparent filler in the loose eyeshadow and provides a delicate and powdery skin feel, while PURABYK-R 5510 gives the liquid eyeliner formulation stability and a thixotropic rheological behavior, perfect to draw thin and precise lines.


  • Nail polishes: Coral Dreams; When in doubt, surf it out; Sun, sun, sun
  • Eye liner: Peach sand
  • Eye shadow primer: Sunset gold
  • Loose eye shadows: Sunset sky; Sunset surf
  • Bronzer stick: Girls just wanna have sun
  • Lipstick: Paradise pink


Be perfectly imperfect

In a world which becomes faster and faster, sometimes it is necessary to take a little break for breathing in and breathing out.

This Color Trend embraces warm and natural colors. SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE earth tones provide all effects to get a glowy yoga skin look. RHEOBYK-7590 PC stabilizes the W/O face cream perfectly and provides a flowy texture.


  • Nail polishes: Wisdom; Kindness; Strength
  • Highlighter mousse: Light Pressed eye shadows: Focus; Balance
  • W/O face cream: Glow
  • Lip smoothie: Breath

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