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Versatile High-Gloss Performance

The glass-based pearlescent pigment LUXAN achieves an extremely vivid depth effect on cosmetics and food packaging, sports and leisure products, toys and domestic appliances, as well as in the automotive and industrial sectors.

Color uniformity meets high transparency

Super-transparent particles made of borosilicate glass form the basis for LUXAN. The patented coating using special classification technology produces a unique sparkle that lends the pigment an extraordinary 3D appearance and fantastic light reflection.

Our brochure with extensive details on LUXAN

Glass-based pearlescent pigments

The LUXAN series offers various effects ranging from silver-white tones and interference colours to earth and combination gold shades. LUXAN impresses with its glass-like transparency and playful sparkle effects that are visible even with low pigmentation. LUXAN can be easily incorporated into any standard application and achieves highly uniform colours due to its precisely defined and narrow particle size distribution.

Our latest product from the LUXAN series, LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red, offers incomparable red hightlights and vibrant red colour intensity. Compared to competitive products, this pearlescent pigment offers more than twice the sparkle intensity.

The CFX version, LUXAN CFX C842 Spotlight Red, is recommended for applications with particularly high demands on weather and condensation resistance as well as intercoat adhesion.

Discover LUXAN Spotlight Red

The specially encapsulated product variant LUXAN CFX combines the bright appearance of the product range with excellent weather and condensation resistance. With its high shear stability and interlayer adhesion, LUXAN CFX creates perfect effects in pneumatic and electrostatic applications and is suitable for a whole host of different applications for automotive and industrial coatings. It can also be incorporated very well into aqueous, solvent-based, and UV paint systems.

Even more performance: LUXAN CFX

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