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The new certified bio-based MASTERSAFE BCR helps reduce CO₂ emissions

The development of the MASTERSAFE BCR pigment preparation aimed to replace fossil raw materials with renewable, bio-based sources. ECKART has successfully achieved this: a significant milestone towards our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.


MASTERSAFE BCR with the innovative biocarrier enables the reduction of the product carbon footprint by 50%.

„The introduction of bio-based resources instead of fossil sources - plus a high recycling rate - paves the way for a CO₂-neutral future for the plastics industry”
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MASTERSAFE BCR pigment preparations are based on over 94% renewable carbon (confirmed by ASTM D6866). Six silver dollar pigments and two cornflake types provide a wide range of very light to extremely dark metallic effects. A homogeneous, chrome-like appearance can be achieved as well as a coarse silver sparkle.

MASTERSAFE BCR preparations are supplied as pellets - the guarantee for dust-free and safe handling. The bio-based products are compatible with various polymer systems such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PA and other engineering plastics. The combination of MASTERSAFE BCR with post consumer resins (PCR) helps to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the life cycle.