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Chrome-like appearance and superior image sharpness

Simply impressive - the new METALURE® C series with its real mirror effect as well as various light and dark shades in silver metallic.

A seductively genuine chrome look, razor-sharp mirror effects plus an attractive selection of light and dark silver metallic shades: the new METALURE® C series always presents your coating or printed product polished to a high gloss.

METALURE® C are easy-to-use concentrates based on ultra-thin, vacuum-metallised pigments (VMPs) - suitable for conventional systems and available in various solvents.

METALURE® C imparts unique gloss and an extremely uniform surface appearance to coatings. In printing ink formulations, METALURE® C achieves high-quality printing results with first-class mirror effects, without clouding, but with incomparable clarity of image.

It provides a printed chrome look in solvent-based flexo and gravure applications.

METALURE® C is often recommended as a substitute for electroplating and metallising processes. Especially in the printing sector, the significantly clearer mirror effect of the new series proves to be an ideal substitute for foil stamping and for metallised paper, board and foil substrates.

This photo demonstrates the clarity of image of this product innovation - a paper banderole is reflected in a film coated with METALURE® C-51010 AE:

Test results and technical information

The test results prove the gloss, the chrome-like look and the narrow particle size distribution of METALURE® C compared to standard products.

Here you can also get the table with all technical values at a glance.

The products of the METALURE® C series at a glance