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In addition to recycling, composting is also a suitable way to recycle packaging after use. To this end, the substrates, printing inks, pigments and additives of all kinds must meet high requirements in terms of their suitability for the composting process. Toxicological harmlessness to microorganisms and plant growth is also a must.

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ECKART has subjected five different effect pigment classes to testing and evaluation by DIN Certco in accordance with DIN EN 13432. Here, the harmlessness of these products was confirmed and certified for the composting process at an added amount of up to 20% (up to 10% for SYMIC C001) in the product. The selected aluminum and pearlescent pigments enable impressive metallic effects and pearlescent shine in coatings and printing inks - for both waterborne and solventborne systems.

ECKART effect pigments: certified for compostable printing ink and coating systems.

Get to know our pigment selection for compostable materials here! It gives you great flexibility in formulating inks and coatings to enhance packaging and consumer goods intended and suitable for composting with effective and decorative designs.