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Metal surcharges for first quarter 2021

As announced in our last press release dated 25.09.2020 ECKART’s metal surcharges will be adjusted on a quarterly basis. Due to the development of metal prices during the fourth quarter 2020 the following metal surcharges will apply for the first quarter 2021:
Bronze powder: EUR/kg 3.94 USD/kg 4.70 USD/lb 2.13
Bronze pastes: EUR/kg 3.55 USD/kg 4.23 USD/lb 1.92
Mastersafe/Powdersafe: EUR/kg 3.55 USD/kg 4.23 USD/lb 1.92
RotoSafe: EUR/kg 3.74 USD/kg 4.47 USD/lb 2.03
Rotovario solvent based/UV: EUR/kg 3.15 USD/kg 3.76 USD/lb 1.71
Rotovario aqua: EUR/kg 2.76 USD/kg 3.29 USD/lb 1.49
Gravure- and Flexo Inks: EUR/kg 1.58 USD/kg 1.88 USD/lb 0.85
Offset Inks: EUR/kg 1.81 USD/kg 2.16 USD/lb 0.98